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Marla's Minis is a private, non-subsidized daycare. Students must be 18 months or older.


Full-time availability only. 

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Visits by appointment only.


Full-Time Only


Payment Schedule

September 1

October 1

November 1

December 1

January 1

February 1

March 1

April 1

May 1

June 1

July 1

August 1








As of January 1, 2019, the basic contribution is $8.252 per day, per child. If your net family income3 is $52 220 or less, you have no additional contribution to pay.


As of an income of $52 220, the additional contribution is $0.70 per day, for a daily rate of $8.95. As of an income of $78 320, the additional contribution increases gradually until it reaches $13.90 per day, which corresponds to an income of $166 320, for a maximum daily rate of $22.15.


The additional contribution is reduced by 50% for a second child.


No additional contribution is payable for a third child and subsequent children.


The basic rate is payable directly to the subsidized childcare service, while the additional contribution according to family income is paid when the income tax return is filed. To avoid having to pay the full amount on filing the tax return, you can ask your employer to adjust your source deductions of income tax so as to pay your additional contribution during the year.



Advance payments of the tax credit for childcare expenses.

If you meet the requirements, you can receive advance payments of the refundable tax credit for childcare expenses and not have to wait until you file your income tax return to claim the tax credit.

Advance payments are made on a monthly basis. You will receive your payment no later than the 15th of the month. Payments are made only by direct deposit.

The number of advance payments you receive in the year depends on the date we receive your application. To receive the total amount in 12 payments, you must apply by December 1 of the year preceding the year covered by your application. If we receive your application after that date, the amount will be divided over the number of months remaining in the year after your application is processed.

What does this mean?

Your child can receive a private education at Marla's Minis for 

approximately the same cost as a subsidized childcare centre. 

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